The MCAST Award in Sports Coaching is developed at EQF/MQF level 6 and includes a total of 24 ECTSs. The Award has been developed to react to the existing gaps identified by both literature and practice in the field of sports coaching.

The four units that make this award, carry 6 ECTSs each. These units were designed with the input of a consortium of experts coming from four Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) and four national governing bodies from Malta, Turkey, Iceland and Denmark. International academics experts from the HEIs and international field experts, together with prospective learners were involved in the conceptualisation, design and development of the four units. To add further quality to the developed units, the International Council for Coaching Excellence was also involved in providing the necessary feedback, based on the ICCE Standards for Higher Education Sport Coaching bachelor’s degrees (2016).

The MCAST Award in Sports Coaching is addressing current gaps in sports coaching education through the development of four units which may be integrated in a level 6 degree at a later stage. This course fills in a gap in all the represented Higher Education Institutions as all of them feel the need of a degree in this specific area.

This Award will initiate this movement of coaching education which aims at impacting the future of sports coaching education. Furthermore, it shall target employability in sports from both national and globalised perspective. It shall also incorporate a developed understanding of the professionalisation of sports coaching across Europe.

Programme Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme the learner will be able to:
1. Understand sports coaching at a deeper level;
2. Apply relevant sports coaching pedagogical methods;
3. Develop a deeper understanding of Elite Athletes Development Processes;
4. Apply performance analysis.



Composition of the Award in Sports Coaching

At the end of the programme the learner will be covering the following four units:

Unit 1. An Introduction to Sports Coaching
Unit 2. The Theory and Practice of Sports Coaching Pedagogy
Unit 3. Elite Development Coaching
Unit 4. The Theory and Practice of Performance Analysis