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The MCAST Award in Sports Coaching is developed at EQF/MQF level 6 and includes a total of 24 ECTSs - 4 units at 6 ECTSs each. The Award has been developed to react to the existing gaps identified by both literature and practice in the field of sports coaching.
Composition of the Award in Sports Coaching
At the end of the programme the learner will be covering the following four units:
(1) An Introduction to Sports Coaching
(2) The Theory and Practice of Sports Coaching Pedagogy
(3) Elite Development Coaching
(4) The Theory and Practice of Performance Analysis
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The Award in Sports Coaching (EQF/MQF 6) is not only filling the gaps existing in coaching education, but is also maximising the possibilities and potential of education in the 2020s. The innovative approach of CoachEd6, in the design of The Award in Sports Coaching strongly considers the 'Internalisation and Globalisation of Education' through a 'Blended learning' methodology. For more detailed information you may look at CoacheEd6 - A model for the Internalisation of Coaching Education
For the Award in Sports Coaching (EQF/MQF 6; 24 ECTSs) CoachEd6 created a two dimenstional structured Minimum Entry Requirements. This way, both Maltese and other European nationals may classify their entry requirements, based on their respective qualifications. It is to note that the places in every country are limited, which leads to the importance of the selection criteria set for this course, which criteria act as a ranking system for the applicants. For further details one may follow the link to the Minimum Entry Requirements and Selection Criteria Page.
CoachEd6 offers a set of mobility opportunities.
First the involved academic experts may travel to any of the partner countries, to lead and deliver lectures during weekend schools. This is without any doubt of benefit to the learners, who will be benefiting from international contributions.
Furthermore, 6 learners from every country may be selected to travel to one of the partner countries both to
(i) follow a weekend school in a foreign country, and to
(ii) take part in a coaching job-shadowing opportunity in the same country.
This unit includes the following Overall Learning Outcomes:
- LO1 - Obtain a theoretical and practical understanding of epistemology in relation to sport coaching.
- LO2 - Evaluate sport coaching as a profession.
- LO3 - Discuss sports coaches’ roles, responsibilities and competencies.
- LO4 - Develop a coaching philosophy reflective of coaching domains.
The Course Specifications will be published as soon as all units will be developed and accredited.
The Award will follow the general regulations set by MCAST. All QA documents can be found, updated on the MCAST Documents Web Portal. Additionally, although the AWARD in Sports Coaching is taking a 'blended' learning approach, and not a totally online learning approach, Doc 020, entitled "MCAST QA Policy and Standards for Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment" has also framed the design of this Award. All the updated MCAST Official Documents can be found updated online.

The Award in Sports Coaching (EQF/MQF 6, 24ECTS, Course Code: CS6-10-21E) has been developed as part of CoachEd6, an Erasmus+ funded project.

The Award has been developed with the involvement of the 4 partner Higher Education Institutions, and their respective academic experts. The International Council for Coaching Excellence was the fifth partner, one which aided in obtaining further quality together with the input of the academic experts coming from the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (Malta), Mugla Sitki Kocman University (Turkey), Reykjavik University (Iceland) and The University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark).

Together with this set of experts, each country has joined forces with respective associate partners, namely The Maltese Olympic Committee, The National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland, and the Sports for All and Wellness Association (Turkey). Field experts from the associate partners, together with prospective learners have given important insights and feedback during the development of the units.

The Award in Sports Coaching is mainly composed of:

Unit 1: An Introduction to Sports Coaching
Unit 2: The Theory and Practice of Sports Coaching Pedagogy
Unit 3: Elite Development Coaching
Unit 4: The Theory and Practice of Performance Analysis