Danish football coach doing his Job Shadowing in Malta.

ACTIVITIES ATTRACT                                          RELATIONSHIPS RETAIN

Competence model

Kompetence (Model)

Competences in relation to  communication and interaction  – Competences in relation to communication and interaction people, teams and organizations  



 Football specific competencies

As a trainer, you can experience competencies within the 3 competence fields. It shows what a coach you are! On the trip to Malta, we should gain more knowledge and skills in the coaching profession. We contributed with attitude and personality ourselves. We gained experience by practicing on the field and in the classroom.

NSS School


Thanks to the National Sports School several teachers, instructors and especially Claudio and Cedric.The National Sport School (NSS) is the only dedicated National Centre of Excellence for Sport in Malta.


We visited and attended classes several times at NSS, which is a sports school for 240 selected young students from 11 to 16 years old.  There are 19 different sports offered at the school.  In addition, there are 6 different subjects that all students must take.  Among other things, are physiology, psychology, mathematics, diet, and media. The school welcomes applications from talented young sports students in their final year of primary school. Entry is by selection. Candidates must be nominated by their National Sports Organisation as being amongst the most promising at a national level.

In the school’s hallways, pictures of teachers and former students who have won in competitions or participated in Olympic Games, World or European Championships are hung. Also, great quotes about doing your best and the whole person.

There are different opinions to it that some are selected to attend the school. Because then it’s not open to everyone. Perhaps only for those with skilled sporting abilities or are from well-functioning families with money?

 Richard Lilja and I watched several football practices at the school which was good.

 The students were concentrated and well-disciplined. Willing to learn and become more proficient. I hope they also get good opportunities to play the lesson in their heads and not have to perform all the time.

At a school think St. Michael close to NSS we were so lucky, to experience the annual sports day.  These are super good values and encouragements, which the school stands for. The students also saw here seem to be happy and everyone is involved.

Regional Hubs

I was on the training grounds and trained young Maltese boys on 2 different grounds in Siggiewi Ground and FA Ground. Along with many great coaches Stefan, Vince, Kevin, Tristan, Charles, Simon, Matthew, Julian, Enrico, Juan, Julian, Romeo and Renzo we trained very good boys, who wanted to train.  However, I would encourage you to think more about getting into the training detail. Remember that you can also learn through having fun and football as a play.

Getting around and CPD at Malta FA:

With my Coach friend Richard Lilja I rented a bike to get around the island from Sliema. Let’s face it – Malta is not a biking island – We survived –Though we were the smallest on the road, and we were driving in the wrong side of the road. 😊

From Monday to Friday in the last week, I was on my own. Transport was running to NSS in the morning and in the afternoon Renzo was my guardian angel driving me to Hubs and Malta FA. We did a CPD at the Malta FA – our focus was on “their project” (the players) vs “our project” (the coaches), beside that, we showed how it is possible, with time and space, to get quality into the training. I also tried to show how important it give the players a safe environment and smile, and joke with them but also learning them that you have to be serious when we train. I love that, when I was at the NSS the next day, the guys called hello coach or Richard.

It was really good and fun to do the CPD and talk with people from the football clubs in Malta. But then again we had to think about it in another environment – different weather conditions and another way to think about training.

Malta FA: I was lucky Mauro from the FA showed me around the FA. What a training ground and stadium. 😊  

After Mauro has  shown me around I observed the training of the best young players in Malta. FA training of U14, U15, U16 and U17, with Renzo being one of the coaches. Really good training but also where I mentioned to Renzo that coach roles can be aligned even better.

 Gudja United

We were also out watching the team Gudja from the top league with Coach Thane Micallef. Inspiring and good training, although there was also some summer holiday atmosphere in the team, as they had to play the last game and could not finish in the top 3. But it is impressive that the club is that good although the facilities are not that good, and only have senior football.

Weekend school

We had a glorious weekend school with good presentations of TASK 2 UNIT 3: Athlete Interview and Presentation Development of a talent development manifesto through an understanding of athletes´ career pathways

 Something of a huge task, which had to be presented in max. 10 min. It was difficult, but everyone managed it nicely and got presented but with a little longer time. The Malta football player Andrea Pisanu visited us and told us about his prof time in Italy- Parma, very exciting.  


Fortunately, there was also time to see and experience on the wonderful Island of Malta.

Two football games. Gzira United – Hibernians 2-1 the 7. off may: Hibernians had won the championship game round before and was allowed by Malta FA to play this match at home and celebrate it with his fans. Even though you lost, it was a huge celebration and experience to be in the stadium in excellent weather. Thanks for that.

 Semi-final In Malta FA Trophy at the national stadium. It was also a fantastic experience and here the No. 2 in the league Floriana won over No. 1 Hibernians and they some days after won the final over Valetta.

So I saw both the champions and the cup champions in games of drama and goals. Impressive spectators and excellent atmosphere, how lucky can I just be. 😊

Besides, I managed to see historical Mdina and was out at Comino. A very beautiful place, but many visitors. I was even told there were only 1000 a day now, but in high season there would be 5000 a day. Hope to take better care of Comino and limit the number of visitors per day. Many boats = a lot of pollution.

VERY IMPORTANT! The last picture shows, what we must remember to have in mind. If you educate yourself further and think you should plan, describe, analyze and decide. So just give a hand in the work, so THAT NOT 20 look and only one who works 😊

Richard Andersen 27. off June