CS6-10-21E – Entry Requirements


The Minimum Entry Requirements for the Award in Sports Coaching (EQF/MQF 6; 24 ECTSs) are two dimensional. On the left one may find the Minimum Entry Requirements for Maltese applicants or those who have obtained their mainstream education in Malta. The set of Entry Requirements on the right hand side, provide a structure for applicants who did not obtain mainstream education in Malta and/or those who would want to join this Award in one of the partner HEIs.

Entry Requirements



The first cohort of accepted learners for the Award in Sports Coaching (EQF/MQF 6; 24 ECTSs), is that of a total of 60 learners across the four partner countries. That means that every patner country may take a maxiumum of 16 learners each.

Should any of the partner Heigher Education Institutions get more than 16 applicants who reach the minimum entry requirements, the following selection criteria and marking system will be applied. The first sixteen applicants in terms of marks obtained, will be selected. The marks will be shared publicly without sharing applicants’ personal details.

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